By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Now that the weather is getting warmer, thoughts of the beach, tropical islands, and margaritas fill our minds. Create your own DIY tropical hibiscus flower nail designs to commemorate the start of spring and the time of year when open-toed shoes and flip-flops come back. Here are some simple steps to create your own hibiscus nail art.

Before you get started with your tropical nail art designs, first put down some newspaper or paper towels to protect your work surface. Then gather the following nail art materials:

Tropical Hibiscus Flower Nail Art DesignsTropical Nail Art Materials
–    Nail polish for tropical flowers
–    Nail polish for background colors
–    Clear topcoat
–    Nail polish remover
–    Cotton balls
–    Nail art brushes / toothpick
–    Nail art accessories like rhinestones and tiny pearl accents
–    Newspaper or paper towels
–    Index card (optional)

DIY Hibiscus Nail Art Designs
To create a tropical manicure you’re sure to love, follow these simple steps:

Two Tone Nail Art Designs1.    Apply the background color on your nails. Add two coats if needed. Choose colors that will contrast with the colors you’ve selected for your hibiscus flower.
online-nail-bar-shop2.    After your base coat is dry, drip a little bit of the first nail color onto an index card or onto the newspaper or paper towel surface. (You can use the index card as a palette!)
3.    Repeat for the second color.
4.    Dip the corner of the nail art brush into the first color. Rotate the brush and dip the other corner into the second color. The bristles of your nail art brush should be neatly painted half and half.
5.    Begin at one edge of the nail and paint a small squiggle to create the first petal.
6.    Repeat this step to create the rest of the hibiscus flower, which is kind of just a half-flower based on its positioning. Still lovely though!
7.    Using the striper, thin brush, or toothpick, draw a thin, curved line to be the flower’s centerpiece.
8.    Using a marbling tool, toothpick, or tiny, thin nail art brush, create a few tiny dots in white or yellow to be the hibiscus flower’s pollen.
9.    As soon as your nails are dry, be sure to cover your nails with a clear topcoat to ensure the tropical flower designs last as long as possible.

To finish your fun and tropical look, don’t forget to add a little lip balm and some eye shadow, mascara, and a light spritz of perfume. Pretty makeup products for spring can really freshen up your look!

Share your thoughts about this design in our comments! For a limited time, the first 50 readers to send us a picture of their own nail art designs will receive a few complimentary pieces of fimo nail art slices by mail!