One of our readers requested instructions on creating Florida State logo nail art with photos. Here they are!  It’s a great way to show your support for the team you love. (We tried to post this yesterday in time for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl but we were having issues with our Web host – apologies!)

To create your own Florida State Seminoles FS nail art designs, follow these steps:

Florida State Seminoles Logo Nail Art Designs1. Paint nails in one of the Seminoles colors. I chose the maroon color.

2. Using a toothpick or fine tipped nail art pen and white nail polish, draw a straight horizontal line for the top of the F. Adjust the endpoints of the line to look like the logo.

3. Draw a straight vertical line down to the bottom of the nail. Add the “foot” or small horizontal line for the bottom of the F.


4. Start with the bottom of the S on the left of the F, starting near the edge of the nail. Paint the downward slope. and continue the bottom curve of the S across the F and all the way to the opposite edge of the nail, rounding up and back to the center of the F.

Nail art for Florida State Seminoles5. Continue the top curve of the S by going around behind the F and coming back in the front, under the original line you made for the top of the F.

6. Adjust the endpoints of the S if needed.

7. Put the small vertical line through the middle of the S on the right of the F to complete the logo.

8. I couldn’t get a clean finished design with 3 colors, so I chose white as the logo color for best contrast. Consider using golden or orange glitter if you feel the need to have all 3 colors.