By Jennifer M. Marimon

Pumpkin pie is a dessert staple for Thanksgiving dinner, so consider whipping up some pumpkin pie nail designs for a festive holiday look. You can dress up your nails for Thanksgiving with fun fall themed nail art designs or you can simply use pretty fall colors in your manicure. Consider these tips if you would like to paint your own Thanksgiving nail art designs featuring pretty and colorful pumpkin pie nail art.

Fall manicures and pedicures add so much to your holiday outfits. Paint your nails to be pretty for Thanksgiving no matter where you’re going. Here are the steps you need to take to add pumpkin pie nail designs to your mani or pedi.

DIY Pumpkin Pie Nail ArtMaterials Needed for Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Nail Art
To paint pretty pumpkin pie nail designs, gather these materials:

• Light Brown nail polish for basecoat
• Platinum nail polish
• White nail polish
• Tangerine Orange nail polish
• Cappuccino nail polish
• Clear nail polish for topcoat

Instructions to Create DIY Pumpkin Pie Nails for Thanksgiving
To create your own pumpkin pie nails, follow these steps:

Pumpkin Pie Nail Art Design1. Paint your basecoat using Light Brown nail polish. You may also use other colors aside from brown if needed.

2. Draw a circle on the middle of your nails for the plate using Platinum nail polish or another color of your choice.

3. At the center of your plate (the circle part), draw a triangle using Tangerine Orange nail polish for your pumpkin pie.

4. At the back of the pie, paint it with Cappuccino nail polish for the pie crust.

5. Using Platinum or white nail polish, paint a dot at the pointed part of your pumpkin pie for your whipped cream.

6. Allow your nails to dry and apply clear nail polish for a durable topcoat.

Pumpkin pie nail art is a fun nail style for Thanksgiving. Try these holiday nail designs even if you are a beginner. You might be surprised at how great they look once you’re done!