By Jennifer M. Marimon

Thanksgiving nail designs are in season now! It’s a great time to play with fall colors in your manicures and pedicures, but you can also create cute and fun turkey nail art for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving nail art is an interesting way to dress up your look for fall. You can make a Thanksgiving manicure or pedicure to enjoy throughout the month of November – just follow these tips!

Try these Thanksgiving turkey nail art designs to spice up your fingers and toes for fall. You can add more detail or keep your turkey nail designs generic if you like. Thanksgiving turkeys are great examples of fall nail art you can do yourself.

DIY Fall Turkey Nail Art ManicureMaterials Needed for DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Art
Gather these colors of nail polish to create your own Thanksgiving turkey nail art designs:

• Baby Blue nail polish for basecoat
• Cappuccino nail polish
• Sparkling Red nail polish
• Clear nail polish for topcoat

Steps to Make Your Own Turkey Nail Art
To paint your own Thanksgiving nail art designs of a turkey, follow these steps:

Picture of DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Nail Art1. Apply two or three coats of your desired basecoat. In this design, we used Baby Blue nail polish for the background of the turkey nail art.

2. Let your nails dry completely and then paint an oval in the middle of your nails for the turkey’s body using tan, brown, or cappuccino nail polish.

3. After painting the turkey nail design’s body, paint a line on the upper-left part of the oval for the turkey neck.

4. Above the turkey’s neck, put a dot of the same brown color (just a little amount) for the turkey’s head.

5. Using Sparkling Red nail polish, paint the red dangly thing (known as the turkey’s “wattle”) from the lower part of the head to its neck.

6. At the upper-right part of the oval, draw the turkey’s tail. You can use the same brown shade of nail polish or you can make the tail more colorful for fun and festive Thanksgiving themed nail art.

7. Allow your nails to dry and then apply clear nail polish for a topcoat to protect and preserve your Thanksgiving turkey nail designs.

Turkey nail art designs are just one style of Thanksgiving nail art you can paint on your fingernails and toenails this fall. Get creative and try other types of Thanksgiving nail designs, like a cornucopia, pumpkin pie, turkey dinner, pilgrim, or Indian. Have fun painting your festive fall holiday nail art!