By Jennifer M. Marimon

Ghosts are a timeless Halloween nail design idea and they can be as creative or as simple as you like, making them great for beginner nail artists. Ghost nail art can be perfect for a Halloween manicure or pedicure, and you can use as few or as many colors as you like. Your ghost nails can be super scary, just a little spooky, or kind of silly and friendly like Casper or Slimer. Decide on the type of ghost nail art designs you would like to paint on your fingers or toes and let’s get started!

Before getting started, first place down some newspaper or paper towels to give yourself a functional workspace where you can also protect your table or countertop.

ghost nail art designsMaterials for Ghost Nail Designs

Gather the following materials to create your own ghost nails at home:

•    Black Velvet nail polish for basecoat
•    Sparkling Red nail polish
•    Cappucino nail polish (or tan, taupe)
•    Platinum nail polish
•    Clear nail polish for topcoat

DIY Ghost Nail Art Steps
To create DIY ghost nail designs, follow these steps:

Note: These steps are to create a full ghost manicure of varied background colors and ghost styles. You can also pick your favorite ghost and do your entire manicure with that nail design.

Spooky Ghost Halloween Nail Designs1.    Apply two coats of black nail polish as the background on your thumb and index finger for your ghost nail designs.

2.    Use Cappucino nail polish (or a light taupe or tan) for the basecoat on the middle and ring fingers.

3.    For the pinky finger, apply Cappucino nail polish first on the bottom part and black nail polish on the other half.

4.    On the thumb and index finger, paint a ghost using Platinum nail polish on the black background.

Tip: Get some glow-in-the-dark nail polish for an even cooler ghost nail design!

5.    On the Cappucino or tan background, use black nail polish to create a ghost. You can draw any form of ghost you want – even include red horns if you like!

6.    To make a realistic ghost design, don’t forget to add eyes. For the Platinum ghost, use black nail polish and for the Black Velvet ghost, use Sparkling Red nail polish for the eyes.

7.    You can add an open mouth for your ghost nails if you like. Just paint the letter “O.”

8.    Apply clear nail polish for a topcoat to make your Halloween ghost designs last longer.

Ghost nail designs are a perfect style of nail art for Halloween. Create your own spooky ghost nails for your fingers or toes as a perfect complement to your Halloween costume or for a special statement for a Halloween party. Try these ghost nail design ideas or come up with your own (and please share tips with us if you do). Happy Halloween!