By Jennifer M. Marimon

The powerful symbol of fire is popular in myths and legends across the world. A source of heat and light, fire is vital to our world. Fire can also be a symbol of new life, just as in the story of the phoenix, the mythical bird that is destroyed by flames every so often to rise reborn. In honor of fire of every kind, we bring you Fire Nail Art.

Fire flame nail art designsFire nail art can be the perfect match to a fiery personality or a fire themed Halloween costume. The fire nail designs can also go nicely with a devil Halloween costume. Whether you want to wear fire nail art to complement a costume or for everyday wear, check out these easy step-by-step instructions to create your own fire nails.

Early steps in fire nailsCompleted Fire Nail Art

Materials for Fire Nail Art Designs
To make your fire nail art, gather the following materials:

•    Black Velvet for basecoat
•    Venetian Red nail polish
•    Pure Yellow nail polish
•    Clear nail polish for topcoat


Steps in Making Flame Nail Art
Fire or flame nail art designsTo create your own blazing fire or flame nail art designs, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with Black Velvet nail polish for basecoat. We choose black to give a charcoal effect for our background color.
2.    After you are sure that all nails are dry, draw a fire-like image from the bottom using Venetian Red nail polish. You can sketch first using a pointed nail art pen to make a perfect fire painting.
3.    Repeat step 2 using Pure Yellow nail polish and make it smaller for a more fire-like image.
4.    Make sure that all nails are dry before painting Clear nail polish for topcoat. It protects the nail art to make it last longer and gives glossy effect of our Fire design.

Flame Manicure
Fire nail art is best to wear on night out, a party, to Halloween, and for any costume party where you want to expose yourself artistically. You can also try the fire and flame nail art as a sign of your inspiration to start a new life.

Photography by Jennifer M. Marimon.
Nail art by Juliet C. Janete.
Michelle Joy Princess (model)