By Jennifer M. Marimon

Have you forgotten the feeling of butterflies in your tummy or giving a butterfly kiss to your Mom and Dad? Butterfly kisses are a way to kiss with your eyelashes lightly touching someone’s cheek, much like the gentle flutter of butterfly wings. We often learn about butterfly kisses when we are just young children. Just like a butterfly touches ones skin, that’s how it felt… a kiss of a baby, so innocent, so real. To reminisce the precious moments the tickling butterfly kiss, and for those who love butterflies in all forms, we bring you DIY Butterfly nail art.

single butterfly nail art designButterfly nail art may be easier to create than you would expect. Even if you are just a beginner at painting your nails and doing your own special nail art designs, give this simple nail art style a try. Butterflies on your fingernails or toenails are a perfect look for spring or summer, but you can enjoy them all year long.

Materials for Butterfly Nail Art
Gather these materials to make your own DIY Butterfly nail design:

•    Platinum nail polish for basecoat
•    Fuchsia Pink nail polish
•    Glaze Green nail polish
•    Black Velvet nail polish
pretty pink butterfly manicure tips•    Silver nail polish for topcoat
•    Toothpick

Steps for Butterfly Nail Art
Create your own lovely butterfly nail art designs using the materials above (or other nail polish colors of your preferences). To paint beautiful butterfly nail art, follow these steps:

scraping butterfly nail art with toothpickbutterfly nail designs step 2 butterfly nail art design step 3

1.    Paint your nails with Platinum nail polish for a basecoat. Apply it twice for a darker and more even background for our DIY Butterfly design.

2.    Do not wait for your nails to dry; immediately scrape it making a butterfly image with the use of a toothpick.

3.    Make sure that the scraped part is completely clean. Then paint the scraped part with Fuchsia Pink nail polish, ensuring a non-messy painting for your butterfly image.

4.    Put dots on the wings of your butterfly design using Glaze Green nail polish.

5.    Paint a black line at the center of your butterfly creation using Black Velvet nail polish. This is the body of your butterfly nail art.

6.    Allow your nails to dry to avoid messing up the nail art. Once your nails are dry, apply a topcoat to protect and seal your butterfly nail art. To make the design shimmer elegantly, choose clear polish with silver. This also allows your nail art to last longer.

completed butterfly manicure

DIY Butterfly nail art can be worn anytime of the day. It’s perfect for all occasions and fun to wear to school. So, if you are feeling nostalgic, remembering the sweet moments of giving butterfly kisses to your Mom and Dad, or if you simply love the beauty and grace of butterflies, consider this DIY Butterfly nail design to reminisce the past.

Photography by Jennifer M. Marimon.
Nail art by Mercury Saballa.