By Jennifer M. Marimon

In Greek mythology, Goddess Hera heard a peacock complained about his voice. The peacock was so ashamed of his voice and asked the Goddess Hera why he didn’t have the voice of a nightingale. Hera told the peacock that the nightingale received the blessing of a beautiful voice while the peacock received vast beauty. Just as other animals had their own remarkable traits, the peacock had his; he had to be happy with what he was given because he could not have the best of everything.

Pretty Peacock Feather Nail Art PhotoInspired by this story and to promote contentment, we give you the Peacock’s Beauty nail design. You can create your own version of this colorful and vibrant peacock style nail art, especially if you want to uplift your spirit and boost your confidence.

Gather these materials to make your uplifting Peacock’s Beauty nail design.

•    Apple Green nail polish for basecoat
•    Romantic Red nail polish
•    Blue Ocean nail polish
•    Black Widow nail polish
•    Silver nail polish for topcoat

Peacock Feather Nail Art Designs

Easy Steps in Creating Peacock Nail Art
To create your own pretty peacock nail art designs on your fingers or toes, follow these steps:

First step in peacock nails1.    Apply the Apple Green nail polish for a basecoat. We choose this kind of shade to give a luminous background of our peacock nail design.

2.    Paint a medium size oval shape at the center of each nail. Just be sure the basecoat is completely dry before painting. We choose the color Romantic Red to make a brighter middle color for our nail art.

3.    After making sure that nails are dry, paint Blue Ocean colored nail polish outside the Red nail polish we did in step 2, making a shadowy effect for the middle color of our design.

Step 2 for peacock nail art4.    To make a peacock’s feather eye effect for our peacock nail art, put a black dot on the oval shape we painted on step 2. Hera’s watchfulness is symbolized by the peacock and the eyes in its feathers.

5.    When all nails are dry, use Silver nail polish as topcoat so our nail design stays longer. This also makes our Peacock’s Beauty nail art look more elegant.

The peacock is often associated with summer, thus, here in our nail art is symbolized Hera’s second phase, the mature woman – confident and secure and the mother phase – contented and satisfied. So if you are ready to face the world with confidence and satisfaction, consider this Peacock’s Beauty nail art. You can wear this anytime. This nature inspired design could be perfect to match your colorful outfit for school or any occasion.

Peacock fingernails painted

Photography by Jennifer M. Marimon.
Nail art by Juliet C. Janete.
Michelle Joy Princess (model)