By Jennifer M. Marimon

Life is associated with imperfections – it’s just the way it is. No matter how we struggle to follow the straight line to make life perfect, still we commit mistakes along the way. But these mistakes would surely give us lessons and make us better people. The nail art we want to showcase now is Colorful Plaid Nail Designs. Plaid nail designs are fun for any occasion and especially back-to-school. This style of
creativeASIN=B004H02URK”>plaid nail art is designed to remind us of our imperfections and how these imperfections can make our lives more colorful.

Pretty plaid nail designs using orangeIf you are wondering how to paint plaid nails, it can be as easy or as difficult as you allow it to be. If you are a perfectionist, you won’t be embracing the abstract and imperfect style with which we create these plaid fingernail designs, but your plaid nails are sure to look great either way. Gather up your favorite nail polish colors to create plaid nail tips or even plaid pedicure designs. Let’s get started!

Materials Needed for Colorful Plaid Nail Design
First things first – gather the following materials so you can paint plaid patterns on your fingernails.
•    Orange Pop nail polish for basecoat
•    Black Widow, Blue Chill, and Regular Blue nail polishes for vertical lines
•    Lush, Purple, and Touch of Ivory nail polishes for horizontal lines
•    Clear nail polish for topcoat
•    Nylon thread  (optional)

Pretty plaid fingernails

Easy-to-Follow Steps in Creating Colorful Plaid Design

To paint your own plaid patterns on fingers or toes, follow these simple steps:

Striped or plaid nails are beautiful!1.    Paint your nails twice with Orange Pop nail polish as basecoat. You may use any colors you desire.

2.    When the basecoat is dry, start making vertical lines on the left portion of your nails using Black Widow nail polish with the use of nylon thread. Because the thumb is larger than the other nails, you may add another line on the rightmost part of the nail.

3.    After making black vertical lines, paint more vertical lines using Blue Chill and Regular Blue nail polishes. Be careful when painting lines to avoid damaging the other painted nails.

4.    When vertical lines are all done, start making horizontal lines from the bottom of the nails using any colors that suit your personality. We used Lush nail polish, Purple, and Touch of Ivory nail polishes. Start from the bottom of each nail to avoid messing up the other colors.

5.    Apply a clear nail polish for topcoat to protect the design and also to give glow to your plaid nail art.

If you are good at creating your own nail art, you can use a pointed nail brush for more perfect lines. But, striving for perfection can stop us from ever starting a project or piece. Be human, accept mistakes. Unless we are just creating for our own pleasure, well, as they said practice made perfect. Why not try this design?  This could be great to match your plaid skirt or plaid bag. You can also paint your own plaid toenail art and plaid toenail designs to give your toes a special fashion statement!

DIY Plaid nails

Photography by Jennifer M. Marimon.
Nail art by Juliet C. Janete.
Michelle Joy Princess