By Jennifer M. MarimonWhen we speak of Emo, we think of a disparate style characterized by those who often embrace the color black, also blending a punk and rock look. Some would say the Emo look is an expression of one who is frustrated, heartbroken, or having negative emotions inside. But for others, it’s fashion, a trend of the 2K generation…. The nail art we showcase here is called “Emo Tears.” It’s an art that people in touch with their emotions would surely love to wear.

emo tears nail artMaterials needed for Emo Tear Nail Designs:

•    Any dark colored nail polish for the basecoat
•    Tiny transparent beads and black beads
•    Nail art glue
•    Quick drying colorless / clear nail polish for topcoat








Procedure and steps for Emo Tears Nail Art:
To create your own emotional nail art designs, follow these steps for the Emo tear nail art:

1.    Paint your nails with the darkest colored polish of your choice. I choose glazed sliced pepper to give contrast of the black beads we are going to use. The color is similar to dark red that gives a glowing effect of our imaginary tear art. But you could also use black for the base if you want a darker effect for your nail art.

2.    Paint two coats of the basecoat color and allow your nails time to dry completely.

3.    Once nails are dry, you may put a little glue to the transparent beads aligning two or three tiny beads at the center of each nail. You can also mix one black bead to give an Emo effect of the tear art. On the photo we used ready-to-stick nail art beads in mixed colors of transparent and black. But you could also use any kind of tiny beads if nail art stickers are not available.

4.    Allow the beads to stick for a few minutes before applying quick-drying colorless nail polish as a topcoat. This ensures the beads will stick better and also protects your nail art to make it last longer.

Emo tears nail art designs are great for any occasion, from school to parties, or even Halloween. You can dress up your nails with different colored beads for a chance or try different colors of nail polish for a variety of backgrounds for your Emo tears. Be creative with your nail art supplies and enjoy this lovely, emotional manicure idea.

Photography by Jennifer M. Marimon.
Nail art by Juliet C. Janete.
Ann Mae Karen (Model)