It doesn’t matter whether you care more about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Super Bowl, the World Series, World Cup, or any other major sporting event. No matter what team you follow, you can create your own sports logo nail polish designs to show your team spirit and cheer on the athletes you love.

While it may seem terribly difficult to recreate the logo of your favorite sports team, you simply must realize that every shape or design is basically created by a series of other shapes. You can break down the complex sports logo to make it manageable for you to paint in your nail polish designs. Think about your favorite sports teams in the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, and others. Once you have an idea of the sports logos you would like to create on your nails, consider these tips.


1. Start with your favorite sports team with the least complicated logo. Usually sports teams with letter logos in a special font can be relatively easy, like the Phillies’ “P” or the New York Yankees’ “NY.”

2. Paint a base coat for your sports logo nail polish designs. Choose a color that will still look nice with the colors in the sports logo. You can choose a complementary color or a contrasting color, but try not to choose a nail polish color that would clash badly.

3. Allow your nails to dry completely. As they dry, consider whether you will be painting the sports logo nail polish designs on all fingers or toes, or just one a select nail or two.

4. Break the sports logo apart into smaller shapes and designs. Think about circles, triangles, squares, straight lines, rectangles, curvy lines, swirls, and other existing shapes that can help you to create your favorite sports team logo on your nails in a series of steps.

5. Paint each part of the logo (or shape) in layers, starting from the most logical point. In most cases, you can consider which way would be easier to start or finish the sports logo nail design. Also keep the darkness and lightness of the colors in mind when deciding where to start.

6. Allow each part of the logo to dry completely before painting the next if they touch. You don’t want to accidentally smudge your sports logo nail polish art.

7. Complete your sports team logo nail polish designs by painting a clear topcoat to seal and protect. This should help to ensure that your sports themed manicure or pedicure lasts longer for you.

These steps should be easy for you to follow along as you try to paint your own DIY sports team logo nail art. You can create so many different kinds of nail designs, especially NFL nail art for the Super Bowl! Remember to look at the logo to keep the details straight while you are painting your nails. Take your time and don’t be upset if your sports logo nail design does not come out perfectly at first. Keep practicing and you should definitely see improvement as you become more comfortable painting more complex nail art shapes.

Is there a particular sports themed nail art design you would like to see created? If so, please feel free to leave a note in the comments and I will try to create the look as well as steps for how you can create the design yourself.
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