How to Make Perfect Star Nail Designs for Fingernails or Toenails

Sometimes painting various shapes on your nails can be tricky – especially shapes with super straight edges or perfect curves. This no-fail process will show you how you can easily get perfect star nail art designs on your fingernails or toenails easily in just a few steps.

Before you get started, gather the materials you will need to paint your nails with star designs. To create your own stars as nail art, be sure you have a light color and a dark color of nail polish (any two colors you like, even two different shades of the same color). Small star stickers allow you to get perfect star nail designs at home, so be sure you have a variety of sizes and styles of star stickers. Also, keep nail polish remover and cotton balls or cotton pads nearby for easy and fast clean-up.


To create your own perfect star nail designs on your fingers and toes, follow these steps:

1.    Paint the basecoat for your nails using the lighter color of nail polish. Do at least two coats of this color to ensure your nails are fully covered in the lighter nail polish.

2.    Allow your nails to dry completely. This step is very important, so please be patient. You don’t want to mess up your new designs!

3.    Place a star sticker on each fingernail or toenail that you want for your star nail art. Remember, it is critical that your nails are fully dry from the basecoat of nail polish. If you are worried, you can let them dry overnight and do the sticker step in the morning, but it isn’t always necessary to wait that long.

Tip: If you have a variety of sizes of star stickers, you might be able to put more than one sticker on a single nail. Just remember to use star stickers that have very pronounced edges so that you can still tell they are stars once you remove the stickers from your nail.

4.    Using your preferred dark color of nail polish, paint over the entire nail and sticker. Pay close attention to the edges of the sticker. They should be firmly pressed down against the nail surface and you should be able to get the nail polish to cover every bit of the sticker and exposed fingernail or toenail.

5.    Allow this coat of nail polish to dry completely too. If you can still see the lighter color peeking through the darker color, you may want to add another coat unless you like the two-tone effect.

6.    Once the top coat or coats of nail polish dry completely, gently pick one of the star’s points and pull it up from the nail slowly and carefully. Do this for all remaining points of the star and remove each sticker one star point at a time.

7.    Consider adding a clear topcoat to seal your designs.

Now that you know this cool nail polish trick can work, feel free to experiment with other shapes of stickers to make other perfect nail art designs or even funky abstract nail designs. More to come later! Enjoy and please share your nail designs with us!